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Important Facts:
  • Vitamin D deficiency is common in people over 50 and has been a source of significant muscle weakness
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Alcohol-Potion or Poison?
Anatomy of the Brain
Anatomy of the Heart
Anatomy of the Lungs
Artificial Sweeteners
BMI (Body Mass Index)
Cancer: Lower your Risk
Child Behavior
Child Growth Charts
Child Resources
Dash Diet for BP control
Diet (Weight Loss)
Dietary Supplements
Dietary Supplements in the News
Doctors Visit: Be prepared
Drinking Water Safety in the News
Drug & Herb References
Fats: Good/Bad
Fish Oil Supplements
Food Labels
Food Safety News
Glycemic Index
Green Tea

Health Maintenance Tests
Herbal Medicine

Infectious Disease News
Internet Links
Iron-Rich Foods
Lab Tests
Living Will
Medical Dictionary
Medication & Herb Ref.
Medication in the News
Phone #s
Physician Finders
Pollen Count
Potassium-Rich Foods
Prescription Medication Ref.
Recipes (healthy)
Senior Resources
Sleep Tips
Smoking Cessation Help

Specialist Finders
Stretching exercises
Therapist Finders
Trans Fats
Travelers Health
Video Tutorial
Vitamin D
Vitamins in the News
Weight Loss

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