Senior Services
Pinellas County, Florida
Identity Theft Hotline

A safe and stimulating environment for seniors while their caregivers are at work during the day

Case managers provide home assessment, extensive information, education and referral to available community services

Chore Assistance

Moving, lifting, simple household chores, repairs or yard tasks not requiring special tools or materials.  For people 60 years old and over who are unable to do these tasks because of frailty of other disabling condition.  

Help in coping with personal problems as well as direct guidance and assistance is provided on a one-to-one or a group basis.

dental care

Emergency Alert Response

System installed in the residence for use in signaling the need for assistance by transmitting a coded signal over existing telephone lines to a control station on a 7-day per week, 24-hour basis.

Assists low income households containing a 60+ elderly individual whose home heating or cooling source has been cut off or is in danger of being cut off and who lack a means to heat or cool the home.

Financial Assistance and Insurance
Assistance with Medicare, Medicaid, Health Insurance, etc.

Evacuation levels
Government Agencies
Phone Directory
Property Record Search
Sex Offender Search
Special Interests
and much more...

Agencies who provide education and guardian services to adults who are physically or mentally incapacitated.

Handicap Services

Housing Assistance

Information on public housing & HUD assistance programs

Hurricane & other potential Disasters
Legal Assistance

Legal advice by an attorney for older individuals with economic or social needs.

Meal Assistance

  • Meals on Wheels
  • Frozen Food Delivery $5/mealRCS PantrySt Pete Free Clinic
  • Food Stamps
Medical Care

To search for a doctor in your area or locate medical clinics that are free or have reduced rates. click here

Drug References & Resources for free & discounted medications 

Air ambulance, Bus, Cab, Wheelchair Transport, and Community Services that provide transportation  

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