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Pinellas County is a peninsula on the west coast of Florida, bordered by the Gulf of Mexico on the west and by Tampa Bay on the east. The county is 38 miles long and 15 miles wide at its broadest point. Its land area covers approximately 264 square miles.

Airports in Pinellas County, Florida (Total of 16)

Area Code Listing for Cities in Pinellas County

Area Codes Map of Florida

Cemetaries in Pinellas County, Florida

Churches in Pinellas County, Florida

Cities and Towns in Pinellas County

Counties of Florida

Evacuation Maps for Pinellas County

Flood Insurance Rate Maps for Pinellas County, Florida

Geographic Information System This is the Pinellas County Government Website which has an extensive data base including zoning and planning maps, property values, etc.

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Hospitals in Pinellas County, Florida (total of 31)

Map for Pinellas County, Florida

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Park Maps and features of each park in Pinellas County, Florida from the Pinellas Co. Government website

Parks in Pinellas County, Florida (total of 51)

Physical and Cultural Features of Pinellas County, Florida

Property: Resident Property Maps Search your property address for Evacuation Level, Zoning, County Appraisal, and Voter Precincts

Property: Pinellas County Data Base Search

Road Construction Maps Current road construction projects within Pinellas County

Road Maps by MapQuest to find directions to a location

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