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Foods High in Potassium
Potassium-Rich Foods and Food Additives Note: Some foods high in potassium are also high in calories.
*The following foods, in listed portion sizes, have greater than 275 mg (7mEq) potassium per serving.
Milk Milk
All milk, skim, whole, buttermilk, yogurt (1 cup)*
Chocolate milk, low fat 1 cup 425 mg
Salad Vegetables
Artichokes (1 whole)*
Asparagus (1 cup)*
Beans, dried (1/3 cup)*
Beet greens (1 cup)*
Bamboo shoots (1/2 cup)*
Broccoli (2 stalks)*
Brussel sprouts (1/2 cup)*
Celery (1 cup)*
Chard (1/2 cup)*
Chinese cabbage (2 cups)*
Lettuce (2 cups)*
Mushrooms (1 cup)*
Parsnips (1/2 cup)*
Pinto beans 1 cup 583 mg
Potato with skin (Baked 1 medium 610 mg)
Pumpkin (1/2 cup)*
Spinach 1 cup, cooked 574 mg
Squash (Acorn) 1 cup, cubed 896 mg
Squash (summer) (1 cup)*
Squash (winter) (3/4 cup)*
Sweet Potato (1 cup) baked 950 mg
Tomato (1 medium)*
Tomato juice 8 oz 556 mg

OrangesBanana Apricots, dried 1/3 cup 734 mg
Avocado (1/3 whole)*
Banana 1 medium 422 mg
Cantaloupe 1 cup, balls 473 mg
Dates (5 medium)*
Figs, dried (3 medium)*
Grapefruit juice (1 cup)*
Honeydew melon (2" wide slice of 6" diameter melon)*
Orange (1 medium or 3/4 cup)*
Orange juice, fresh squeezed 8 oz. 496 mg
Papaya 1 medium 781 mg
Peaches, dried (1/2 cup)*
Prune juice (1/2 cup)*
Prunes (5 large)*
Raisins (1/3 cup)*
Other--these foods and food additives are generally high in potassium
  • Salt substitutes (listed as KCl on labels)
  • Lite salts,
  • Coffee,
  • Sport drinks,
  • Iced tea sold in cans
  • Granola bars,
  • Ovaltine,
  • Chocolate and
  • Fig cookies
  • Molasses (Blackstrap) 1 tablespoon 498 mg
Potassium-Restricted Diets
  • To help reduce the potassium content, soak or boil vegetables and fruits in water.
  • Look on labels for symbols listed as KCL, K+ or potassium and avoid these foods. Potassium may be used in some foods as a preservative or a salt substitute.
  • Foods and food additives that are high in potassium should be avoided (above)

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--Written by N Thompson, ARNP and Michael Thompson, MD, Last updated December 2007

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