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Disaster Information
Pinellas County, Florida   

CDC - Nat'l Center for Disease Control & Prevention: Emergency Preparedness & Response

  • Terrorism,
  • Bioterrorism,
  • Radiation Emergencies,
  • Chemical Agents,
  • Natural Disasters,
  • Recent outbreaks and incidents
Pinellas County Health Dept
or call: (727) 824-6931

American Red Cross
or call:
(202) 303-4498
Disaster Assistance info:
(866) GET-INFO (866-438-4636)
To make a donation:
(800) HELP-NOW

Disaster Registration
Contact Pinellas County Emergency Management or your local fire department for registration information. Emergency Management: (727) 464-3800. Dial 2-1-1 for the number to your local fire department.

Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services,
or call:
(850) 488 - 3022

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