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Don't Buy Toys from China
The list of toy recalls is growing on a daily basis and appears to be endless. Before buying any more Christmas presents, now is a good time to research the toy market and possibly rethink your toy buying philosophy. Many parents and environmental groups are recommending that parents avoid buying any toys made in China altogether. Even if you follow the recall list closely and buy a toy not on the list, it may still show up on the list in the future. In light of China's reputation, it would make sense to avoid the chinese toys altogether.

There are many good products that are made in the USA and other reputable countries. Playmobile and Most Little Tikes are a few of the excellent toymakers who have no relationship to Chinese companies. ABC News has published a good article, "Avoid Lead Toys from China" which provides an excellent list of reputable toy companies. Also, be sure and follow the daily list of toy recalls released by the FDA. There are also many websites that appear to be good references: The Not Quite Crunchy Parent, China-Free Christmas November 2007

These recalled toys are everywhere. My neighbor took his 5 year old to a Halloween party where they were handing out toy vampire teeth as a party favor. Not realizing that the teeth had recently shown up on the recall list of toys with lead, the parents innocently handed out these toys meant to be put in the mouth! October 31, 2007


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--Written by N Thompson, ARNP in collaboration with M Thompson, MD, Internal Medicine, Last updated November 2007

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